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this game is finer then himiko toga

This is really fun! It would be super nice if you added checkpoints, though. 

Feels like a unique spin on Crash. P good for a prototype.

Like the game and the vibe. Not sure if I like the perspective change, althought it does give the game extra flair. A few extra checkpoints, especially just before the dice jump lane would be nice. But all in all, pretty sweet!

Really fun to finally be able to try this game!

Its not clear what getting Kronii does though. I thought it was a checkpoint at first, but I guess it isn't.

Really nice prototype! :D

Buenas, quisiera saber si tienes algún lugar por donde comunicarse...


love the concept

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There is so much that is very impressive about this prototype!

Unfortunately I got softlocked because the required dice dont respawn and blowing one up accidentally is very easy :(

A checkpoint here would help!

I thought I was stuck at some point, but actually had to walk in another direction, it was before the first checkpoint. Is that the same spot?

Ah, no, totally different area.

sheeesh, it took me a lot more than I thought it would. Epic game, ngl. Enjoyed way too much taking all the dices and going until the key. Gg's