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This is the best game ever. Beautiful creation <3


Who is here from AITA reddit?


I've been here for years but I saw the reddit post. That guy is a legend.

can someone link the post? i kinda don't wanna back read 9 days on a huge sub


Now that we've seen Idol Showdown and Holocure release on Steam, any possibility of a Steam release?


Best game ever 10/10

also y is rushia level has bean deleted?

Nah, it's the second one.



this was hard but i beat it in about 2-3 hours


erm small glitch. if you hit the corner of a book you go flying back the wrong way lol


Its accompanied by a sound cue so its not a bug, and its fun and useful for speed runnin

It's a feature



When is the Final Update gonna come out?

(+3) just have to believe



This game needs Kobo now.



I have not played for a year so let's see what has changed.


this game is so speedrun-able.

With the book edge exploit, it allows us to a much faster speed and make us finish level quickly

Yeah this is a common mechanic used to speedrun the game. We've been speedrunning it for almost 2 years already. There's a link to the speedrun discord in the description of the game and the game is also on as well if you want to check it out! 


I'm currently not trying to speedrun this game per se, but thank you! Im gonna check it out later


man a year without play let´s see how is going now

how do i change character? i saw gura's stream that there's a button to change it on the left platform, but now, there's nothing there

Pause (Esc) and it's one of the options. There are different icons for different characters. Select the icon, unpause, then the character will change next time you load a level.

Ok ngl lets just give him some rest and more time to think on what to do for his next update. Bug fixes will be made later

Es un trabajo increíble, pero esta parte simplemente me frustro. Por otro lado, sería genial poder descargar un savestate (jugué la versión de navegador), para poder continuar la partida en otro momento, realmente me da mucha pena tener que abandonar el juego luego de haberle dedicado tanto, por último, aunque entiendo la dificultad elevada, se agradecería un checkpoint adicional en el nivel donde hay que saltar 3 plataformas rodeadas de minas móviles, luego de que inviertes la gravedad, gracias por desarrollar este juego

doesnt load


What is the RAM requirement of this?

Is this game still being worked on? Is it finished? Watched Gawr Gura's stream of this recently and find myself wanting to play it. So I figured I would ask.


There's going to be one more update. One level, a final boss, and general improvements/refinements to the rest of the game.

It should've come out months ago, but it's been put off due to life/work/getting distracted by other projects/general laziness. But now I'm buckling down and getting to work on it, so it should hopefully not be too long.

sfx are peak


Will you launch this game in to Android and ios? I wanna play this game everywhere

Pretty unlikely. Porting a game to any other platforms is already a big job, and porting to phones specifically presents a lot of hurdles - in particular, I'd have to totally rework the controls to work on a touch screen, I'd have to ask players to sideload it to get around the app stores, and I may have to optimize it for the weaker hardware because it's a very unoptimized game.




smol indeed.


this game is hard for me!!! but this game is really well made! good job! and I really enjoy playing it!(my English is not good, sorry!)


Moocow shared a nice look at how they designed the Smol Ame levels in this conversation:



I will find you


Running on Steam Deck using Proton and the Windows Executable.  Imported some graphics asset from and added it as a non-steam game.  plays pretty good.


Someday Kevin will find the time to do the last update, I'll be waiting


update whe


Great game.   Works in wine on linux without any problems now.

Deleted post



amazing gem



This game is bad for my blood pressure. 5 stars.


Too hard

About INAscapable madness... I kinda agree with the others. Adding spikes to teach the players a new mechanics (hold UP to bounce higher) without explaining it wasn't a very good idea...

what new mechanic is this?

Нold UP (W) to bounce higher. Apparently, some players found this part difficult...

thank you.

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