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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
AuthorMooCow Games
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, Fishing, hololive, Relaxing


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Hey, I wanted to ask - what is the pink thingie used for the mouse cursor?

I forgot its name, but the crab in her hair.

I see. I was wondering if that's what it is, but wasn't sure because the color is different.

Sana is eternal!


This becomes a very emotional game and makes you cry since Jul 31st when Sana graduated.



beeg sana!


That's just what i need right now ;-;


Very cozy game! Simple gameplay and controls and the collectibles satisfy my collect-a-thon little heart :)

Big if true??!?!!?!? frfr. on god?

Normal people: 'this game is nice and chill and relaxing'

Me, filled with collect-em-all gamer rage and anxiety: 'I just dropped an item at the top of the screen because the bar ran out a fraction of a second before Yatagarasu made it to the top, I lost the last item because I didn't see it and grabbed a planet first, and every time I make a mad skill-shot on a tiny, high-speed glowy spot and there's not a collectible I age a year'

Not actually being chill about the chill fishing game is very much normal for me (as is fishing [mini]games not actually being that chill, frankly), and this is obviously not a super serious commercial project, so I want to say this has entertained me for way longer than it should have. That said, if you plan on updating this, I would appreciate some extra grace and mercy added in for the sake of my nerves.


came from sana's stream. This game design really genius I like it!


Really cool, chill game! I managed to get all the collectables, but it was a pain in the ass getting the Witch Hat and Giant Nut because the in game sprites were replaced with Jupiter for some reason. Other than that, I had a blast playing this! Great work.

Oh, that's weird. We'll look into that.

I had the same problem! Though it seems like the sprites would appear correctly after getting the collectible once. Took me several hours to find my last piece (Giant Nut) haha

You mean after collecting Jupiter, or the other two? I’ve collected the Giant Nut more than once, and each time it looked like Jupiter.

In game cursor lags in position. My desktop cursor actually went off screen on the right, but the crab didn't follow it. The left side is fine it snaps right in.

This happened to me once. Try refreshing the screen and reloading the game. It fixed it for me.

Yo, let's go. Chill vibe with the music sets the perfect tone for just kicking back. Can also play this game while having a stream on.


Really chill and relaxing game! I could see myself sinking hours into this, the fishing mechanic’s simple yet fun, and the jazz/lounge remixes of hololive songs complete the experience. Thank you so much for making this! Feels really great to be a Sanallite, seeing all the love and support Sana’s been getting through creative stuff like this game makes me happy!


This is a fun chill collect-a-thon game with a great visual style! You always deliver things I enjoy before I even know I want them.


Good afternoon, this isn't so much a comment on the game as it is on the download now and selecting paypal functionality. When I go to pay with paypal I get this error. 

{"errors":["price must be provided"]}

This looks like maybe a parameter isn't getting passed from the itch paypal click even to the paypal checkout api. I'm not a webdev so I'm just speculating at the activity I'm seeing in the itch desktop client webview. When you get a chance and correct this I'd love to throw money at you and maybe let you get yourself a nice lunch or something.

Hmm, that's weird. Do you also get it through the browser? I think itch would be able to help you more than me.

How curious. The browser did work. Wonder what the breakdown between the desktop app and the browser is. Doesn't matter I suppose. You've made a delightful game and I've thrown a little at you. Hope others do the same. Cheers.